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Sep 9, 2012 11:00pm EDT
different radio stations in new york, los angeles, atlanta, dallas, and detroit. so adding their two cents to the rumor mill is a cast of radio royalty from across the nation. >> they go from new york to detroit, from detroit to atlanta, back to new york, back and forth, back and forth. >> reporter: among the hosts, in new york's morning show. >> a study shows that rude people make more money than nice people. >> up yours. >> reporter: they say this season is not one to miss. >> we think it's going to be awesome. if radio were pictures, now our audience gets to see good or bad, what happens in that radio studio. >> over the top screaming success, guaranteed. >> supposedly they're making it from spider milk,. >> i think it's spider silk. not milk. >> they have tiny nipples. >> reporter: nothing is off limits. >> at least at the strip club they wipe the pole down before the next girl. >> we're not afraid to be it or say it. >> reporter: they're all about being funny. >> she is getting closer to her due date. >> reporter: and having fun with each other. >> matthew mcconaughey wearing a g stri
Sep 16, 2012 11:00pm EDT
the pressure on. third down and 14 for the 49ers. >> cris: interesting how many times you watch the detroit lions and they don't look that great. you think, oh, boy. what is going on? and then in the fourth quarter, the defense comes to life and they need a play right here. you can feel a little moment shift with gunther cunningham's squad, if they can make a play right now. >> al: they have to get to the 42 for a first down. and that is crabtree and he will get to the 43 yard line! he needed 14. he got 15. gore helped spring them. first down. >> cris: frank gore lined up in the backfield and circle out. watch the block he makes on the tail end of this play. crabtree makes the catch and then it's gore that up-ends the defender standing there thinking he was about to make that tackle. good catch by crabtree too. we talked about how great his hands are. two times now he has been able to convert and keep this drive alive. >> al: a good screen block at the end. from the 43. using up the clock. under six to play. swing it out to gore. gore turns it back up field with a nifty move and all the way
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2